How to Clean the Egg Crate Mattress Pad

If you have egg crate foam that is used as a mattress pad at home, it is imperative that you know how to clean it regularly. Start the process of cleaning by vacuuming both sides of the mattress pad.

Although this step will take only a few minutes, it will remove all the dirt from your pad. Secondly, fill ¾ of a spray bottle with water. The remaining ¼ of the bottle’s volume is intended for the fabric cleaner. Now, spray this solution over your mattress pad. Make sure that you get its both sides, waiting one-half hour before you continue.

Bring with you the egg crate mattress pad to the shower and using a hose, remove any fabric cleaner. The excess water can be squeezed out by having the mattress pad folded in half and the water pressed out. Finally, allow your pad to completely dry by exposing it to the heat of the sun all day long.